Ayurveda - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Metal implants are generally of non-corossive inert material which withstand normal stress of day to day activity for a considerable period of time. Since the implant was about eight months ago they should have adapted well to your body. Therefore there is no harm whatsoever in trying out Ayurvedic therapy if you are having allied problems of the surgical venture like aches, pains, numbness etc. Ayurvedic threapy can be planned for you after we have had the occassion to personally examine you.

From your mail, it becomes clear that you have conceived at least two times in the past. This means that the problem is not as much in your ability to conceive as it is in the ability of your uterus to sustain gestation till full growth of the foetus and eventual delivery. In Ayurveda there are a number of approaches we can try so that the growing foetus remains intrauterine till it has reached full maturity as also to enable its normal growth. We would therefor advice you to kindly make it convenient to visit us at our clinic with all available previous medical records so that we can sit together and plan out a suitable treatment schedule for you.

From your mail we understand that you have undergone thyroidectomy and are presently on radiotherapy. Perhaps the radiotherapy has been suggested as means of checking aggressive proliferation of cells. Yes, going for radiotherapy is not a very pleasurable experience. In Ayurveda, there are some medicines which can be taken to minimize collateral damage ti healthy cells by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Studies are going on in different parts, especially in India and elsewhere on Ayurvedic medicines as adjuvants and buffers in radiotherapy. It is advisable for you to continue radiotherapy. You may however be benefitted by taking Ayurvedic drugs along with it to protect healthy cells and to safeguard them.

Yes. There are effective treatments available for your problems. However, we would appreciate further inputs to be able to decide on the kind if treatment that would give you maximum benefit. We would also like to know if you are diabetic since diabetic peri-arthritic shoulder is a common clinical entity. Also we would like to take a look on any other diagnostic modalities you would have run through like X-ray, MRI scan or any other diagnostic procedure. We would also recommend a personal examination. To enable all this, we advice you to visit us personally with all previous medical records in our centre at your time of choice.

Hairloss is a very distressing problem that women experience. We at Ayur Centre, have been getting numerous queries regarding this problem. We also have had the opportunity at our Ayur Centre to treat both men and women if various age-groups of hair-related problems. From the feedback we have been getting, we have been able to satisfy most of these cases. We therefore request you not to worry too much regarding your problem because help is available. Yes, the pH of the water you use for bathing as also the kind of soap, shampoos etc. that you use on the scalp, the condition if the scalp, all have a bearing on the quantum of hair-loss.

Yes, if the nasal polyps have grown to a large enough size, the surgical option would be worth considering. However since it would essentially be an elective surgery it would be worthwhile considering alternative medicinal options. There are a few Ayurvedic remedies that can be definitely tried for your mother.

From your mail we understand that some portions of your intestines have been removed. As you are aware, primates have a much lengthier intestine as compared to carnivorous animals like a lion for instance. This is so to enable proper digestion of fibre. Fibre is an essential ingredient or rather should be an essential ingredient in our diet and it is to enable proper digestion and assimilation of it that we have a long intestine. Since you have had some portions of it surgically removed, a structural change has been made in your digestive system. Whereas some of your problems can be managed by medicines, some of the symptoms directly attributable to the changed structural dimension of your alimentary canal may persist in some form or the other. However, we do feel we can address your symptoms of watery stools, weight loss etc. to your satisfaction.

Your problem seems to be one of erectile dysfunction. This indeed is a very frustrating problem. But you can relax because Ayurveda has some excellent remedies for you. However, we would like to know a little bit more about you. Like, are you diabetic, do you smoke, what is your daily schedule like, are you taking any other medicines for hypertension etc, do you exercise, what is your diet pattern…. To discuss all this and plan a proper treatment kindly make it convenient to drop in at our centre at your convenience.

Yes, there are medicines both for external application as well as internal use for white patches. Kindly contact us for further details.

Frozen shoulder is an extremely distressing condition since it hinders effective movements of the affected shoulder. It starts off mostly as a painful restriction of movements which progresses to end up in frozen movements of the shoulder causing great deal of embarrassment. Often it is associated with diabetes to the extent that physicians would first want to rule out diabetic peri-arthritis before embarking upon a treatment schedule. In your case you have also mentioned thyroid problems. We would therefore like to run you through some diagnostic modalities before recommending proper medicines and procedures. We would like to have a look at your X-ray, MRI scan ,Blood investigation report, Urine investigation report among other things to be able to schedule proper treatment measures. Kindly drop in at our centre with available diagnostic reports for suggestions on further investigations that may need to be done.

Your symptoms seem to be related to cervical spondylosis and resultant mild, moderate or grave injury to the nerves that exit from this part of the spine and supply the upper limbs. You may be aware that the main nerves that supply most of the upper limb areas are the ulnar, radial and medial nerves. We believe part of any of these could have been affected causing you the distressing symptoms mentioned by you. Ayurvedic medicines for internal as well as external use are available to deal with it. Kindly contact with your MRI report etc. for further advice on management.

It seems you are having some kind of photosensitivity or allergic dermatitis of some kind. There are of course excellent remedies available in Ayurveda to address your problem. You will appreciate that to identify the type of skin allergy that you are having we would like to personally examine the skin manifestation. Further treatment can be decided upon after inspection.

Varicocele, as you may be aware, occurs when the network of veins leaving the testes are enlarged. This leads to engorgement in the testes thereby affecting the sperm count and the quality of sperms. Almost 15% men are supposed to be affected by varicocele. If pain and other symptoms are not there there may not be any problem in enjoying regular sexual activity but fertility could be compromised if the sperm count is low. You may try Ayurvedic remedies to enhance sperm count, motility etc. failing which a surgical option may be considered. It may be worth noting that restoration of fertility is not always assured even after surgery in some cases.

You would be delighted to know that Ayurveda has a a full section dealing with measures, means and medicines to enhance ones sexual interest and ability. The science of aphrodisiacs is dealt with at length in Ayurveda. In fact, it is considered to be one among the three main pillars on which our life is sustained in all its glory. Kindly contact us for further details.

For your enquiry regarding tinnitis, the most direct answer would be 'yes, we can alleviate the symptoms if not stop it altogether'. We have some wonderful Ayurvedic remedies that may be of immense help in what should indeed be a vexing problem for you. We would be giving you some internal medicines, some medications for external use, a few tips on diet together with some yogasanas and exercises. All these, we believe, would be of immense help for you.

Asthma, as you have rightly surmised can be triggered by food. Of course, there are a number of things on which allergy tests are available in the market. But asthma can also be triggered by things not in the list. The best way to identify what triggers the attack in your son is to watch carefully and draw logical conclusions. Perhaps dust, pollen, smoke, suspended particles or even humidity in the air can cause asthmatic attack when your son is running around at school. In ayurveda, rather than worry about the trigger we focus more on enhancing ones defenses or immunity. Thus even when one is surrounded by all kinds of dust and pollen your immune system being strong does not exhibit a panic exaggerated reaction as seen in asthma. We at Ayur Centre can definitely help your child with medicines and suitable advices to tackle this problem.

The Ayurvedic practice is to view body functions in its totality, in its entirety. This concept of wholism is the sheet anchor of all our endeavors to achieve a state of wellbeing and health. Yes, we have a number of medicines as well as clinical modalities that can set right most hormonal imbalances including hypo and hyperthyroidism. Our modalities and medicines coupled with proper diet, exercises etc can definitely address your hypothyroidism issue.

Parkinsonism, as you may have gathered, falls under a group of diseases causing movement disorders and can generally be only controlled. There are many measures in Ayurveda whereby you can check tremours to a great extent and keep it under control. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery.

Hair problems are reason for concern to many women and we very well understand the distress your problems are causing you. Thankfully, we at Ayur Centre are of the considered opinion that hair problems needn't be a vexing problem because most of these respond well to the treatment we offer at Ayur Centre.

Congratulations – both for your decision to start Ayurveda and for approaching us! We have been spearheading a movement of genuine Ayurveda in Singapore for many decades now. The basic concept of Ayurveda, and our own philosophy at Ayur Centre, is to treat the person as a whole. We have been upholding this wholistic concept of Ayurveda ever since we started practising and propagating Ayurveda here. You are welcome to our centre any time you wish. Kindly contact to discuss your problem in more detail.

Diabetes is an illness that has wide ramifications in the manner in which its effects are felt in various systems of the body. The symptoms you were referring to most probably are indications of diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy. The treatment modalities to be adopted in such cases would have to look into the end-organs affected ( in your father's case, the eye and the nerves) as also the broader, wider aspect of increased circulating blood glucose which ideally aught to be inside the cells of the various systems. In Ayurveda we have effective treatment for diabetes and its complications. We expect these measures to be beneficial in providing relief in the conditions mentioned by you.

We are sorry to hear about those miscarriages. As your doctor might have told you, PCOS as well as miscarriage are in some way related to the broader picture of diabetes you mentioned as having. In Ayurveda we do have safe and effective measures to manage these conditions. Our treatment would be essentially three-pronged viz. addressing the elevated blood glucose, managing PCOS and ensuring that the fertilized ovum next time around stays in your uterus till full term and delivery. We feel you should try out our Ayurvedic remedies at our centre and have reasons to believe you will not be disappointed with us.

From your mail it is evident that your mother is coping with a rather difficult situation. It is indeed comforting to know that as a daughter you are taking good care of her and are making the best possible treatment available for her. In Ayurveda we do have certain modalities known to increase peripheral circulation and these, we believe, can be tried on your mother. A good blood supply is essential for the wound in her leg to heal well. To discuss more about treatment procedures that can be attempted on your mother it is suggested that you drop in at our centre at your convenience so that we can discuss the case in detail. Kindly also bring along relevant medical reports and files for our perusal.

Yes we so provide consultation for people who wish to complement their medicines with Ayurvedic herbs.

First of all, let me remind you that Ayurveda considers slimness to be at all times better than stoutness. Even though this has been the stated position of Ayurveda expounded at least five thousand years ago, the modern world has only of late appreciated this in the light of mounting evidences of the predisposition of stoutness to all kinds of ailments. The rising incidence of life style diseases has once again stressed this fact. Having said that, it is presumed that you may want to increase your weight as you may be a little under-weight and lean in which case, let us assure you that there are many effective and safe measures in ayurveda to enhance body-weight which can be tried for you. Regarding supplements, ad they are over-the-counter products your discretion is advised if you choose to try any of those.

Ayurvedic massages are refreshing, enjoyable and therapeutic. From your mail it is clear that your symptoms of heaviness, tinnitus etc. do not have a clear somatic basis and is more or less an expression of some underlying stress. Ayurvedic massages, as you may already be aware, go a long way in relieving stress. You are welcome to try out our massages. We would be happy to be of happy to attend on you. Kindly meet us in person to chalk out further details in this regard.

Regarding your complaint, we would like to have more inputs like the nature of your job, the height of pillows, whether you have to travel a lot and if so, the mode of transport etc. These things have to be asked because you are just 29 years of age so degenerative changes to the extent found in classical spondylosis cannot be expected. Moreover, if you have done x-ray investigation, we would like to see it. Also a personal physical examination would be in order to diagnose the cause of your pain.

As you might have gathered, in Ayurveda there are three basic body types viz. vatika, paittika and kaphaja. And then there are various combinations of these three body-types. It is possible to group all people into these body-types. We would be glad to examine you and give our opinion on your body-type if you can make it convenient to visit us at your convenience. We can also discuss your back problems and suggest suitable treatment and other modalities when you visit us.

Tourette syndrome (TS), as you know, is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations (tics). The disorder is named after Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, the pioneering French neurologist who in 1885 first described the condition. Before I give a considered opinion on the suitability or otherwise of Ayurvedic treatment in your case it is highly recommended that you make it convenient to visit our clinic for a personal examination. I would then be in a position to give a definitive answer after examining you. Also kindly bring your earlier medical reports for perusal.

Lichen planus is essentially a kind of autoimmune disease with skin manifestations. Autoimmune diseases, as you may be aware, is a group of diseases for which modern medicine has no cure to offer. Alternative systems like ayurveda can definitely offer clinical relief including substantial reduction in area of lesion and the associated symptoms they exhibit. However in such cases treatment would have to be continued for a long period of time for satisfactory results.

Blackheads respond well to ayurvedic treatment. You can try both external applications and internal medicines for safe and sure results.

Hair fall is a common problem in women. There could be many reasons for hair-fall including systemic illnesses, certain medications, scalp problems, nutritional status and so on. All these have to be considered when attempting to check this problem you have. There are some effective hair-oils that can be tried out.

Motor neurone diseases fall under a category where unfortunately science is still only trying to understand its complexities and trying to device means of effective management. As of now there is no sure fire treatment modality. However clinical relief with respect to your symptoms may be attempted with ayurvedic medicines. We believe ayurvedic medicines can help provide some relief to your symptoms of muscle weakness, speech problems etc.

From your mail we understand that you are having pain, stiffness etc of the neck as well as low back region. The radiation of pain through lower limbs is also part of radiculopathy which often is associated with disc pathology which your MRI has revealed. Our experience is that a conservative method including posture correction, exercises, physiotherapy and medicines often give excellent results. Yes, there are a few ayurvedic modalities which we believe can be of immense help in your case.

Collar bones readily heal. They do not even require a proper anatomical apposition to heal. In your case we believe that the bone has already healed or is healing. Regarding the projection, it is because proper reduction was not done. But if there is no obvious cosmetic urgent reasons we advice you to forget about it. It is not going to cause much restriction in movements etc. However, if you feel you are not satisfied with it you can apply some ayurvedic medicines externally and wait to see the result. If you are still not satisfied you may have to get a surgical repair done. For the time being we would advice you to try out our medicines for a sufficient enough time and then take a call.

Yes. There are effective treatments available for your problems. However, we would appreciate further inputs to be able to decide on the kind if treatment that would give you maximum benefit. We would also like to know if you are diabetic since diabetic peri-arthritic shoulder is a common clinical entity. Also we would like to take a look on any other diagnostic modalities you would have run through like X-ray, MRI scan or any other diagnostic procedure. We would also recommend a personal examination. To enable all this, we advice you to visit us personally with all previous medical records in our centre at your time of choice.

Ayurveda does have effective treatment for paralysis. From your mail it is unclear as to the extent of injury except that the cord compression is at the level of T3-T4. We would kindly request you for a personal appearance so that we may be able to examine you and give further advice.

As per your mail, it is not clear if your delivery was a normal vaginal delivery or a caesarian section. It is also unclear if you are having repeated urinary tract infections. We would also like to know if you are diabetic. All these details are needed to arrive at the reasons causing your symptoms of urinary incontinence. To discuss your case further we recommend that you visit us at our centre on a date and time of mutual convenience. There are many Ayurvedic medicines which we believe can be if immense help in solving what should indeed be an embarrassing problem for you.

The answer to your question is 'yes'. There are quite a few wonderful medicines for dandruff and itchy scalp. Please feel free to drop in at our centre anytime so that we can examine your scalp and prescribe apt medicines.

A dislocated shoulder is a very painful and frustrating problem, especially for a woman like you. It could also be an embarrassment and often saps your self confidence. The problem with shoulder dislocation is also the fact that there is a high risk of recurrence if proper care and caution is not taken. We will be in a position to discuss your problem further if you can kindly make it convenient to visit us at our centre at your convenience.

The problem of dyspepsia, burping, acidity, flatulence etc. are related to the type of food taken, the manner in which taken, the time, the combination and quantity in which taken and many other such factors. Generally burping occurs when food is hastily ingested. Also some kind of food cause 'gas' in the stomach. To discuss all this it is highly recommended that we be given a chance to examine you personally. Numbness in your hands can also be examined if you were to make it convenient to visit our doctors at our centre at a time of your convenience. We can also discuss special packages when you visit us.

Yes, Ayurvedic treatment for eczema does involve in most cases internal medicines too. External application of Ayurvedic medicines along with internal medicines has seen to be of immense help in curing as well as mitigating these frustrating skin conditions. Since each eczema case is different from the other, a final verdict on your problem can only be given after we have examined the case. Kindly therefore make it convenient to visit us at your convenience so that we can discuss your problem in detail, examine you and plan a suitable line of treatment for you.

Pain in Cervical spine could be due to various reasons including bad posture at work, reading from bed, sleeping on high pillows etc. It could also be due to cervical spondylosis or osteoarthrosis of the spine. We have many remedial measures that can be tried out. Kindly feel free to call us at your convenience in any of the numbers in our website or register for a personal appointment. Our doctors will examine you and give you suitable advices and medicines.

Sinusitis is indeed a distressing condition. However it is widely accepted that the role of antibiotics is valid only in certain instances of high bacterial infections. Therefore prudence and care in antibiotic therapy is advised. Sinusitis is often seen to be readilly amenable to Ayuredic treatment when properly done. We can chart out a treatment scheme for you if you are able to make a personal visit to our centre at your convenience. We would be happy to serve you to the best of our ability.

Headache could be an expression of many underlying problems. It could be caused by sinusitis, refractive error ( eye sight problem or even eye strain), it could be due to cervical spondylosis, high blood pressure, menstrual issues etc. Even bad posture at the study table could cause headache. Vascular headaches, tension headaches are also very common. So it is adviced that a personal checkup be made for us to give proper guidance. If that is not possible kindly call us and request to speak personally with our doctors so that they can advice you properly.