Ayurvedic Treatments - Consultation

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medical science, and involves thorough examination and analysis of biological, physiological and psychological functions of the patient’s mind body and soul. It may include an extensive analysis of your personal and medical history, lifestyle, habits, profession and working conditions, daily diet, fitness routines and mental health by the doctor.

Having an open and honest relationship with your Ayurveda physician is an important step in Ayurveda. Sharing all your physical and emotional concerns helps your doctor identify the key symptoms, illness and potential root causes of imbalance (illness) and determine suitable ayurvedic treatment options.

The initial Ayurvedic examination generally involves:

  • Darshan (Observation): The physician will thoroughly observe the patient’s body contour and movements, and qualities of the skin, eyes, facial lines, nose, lips, hair and nails. These will help the physician evaluate the general physical health of the patient
  • Sparsha (Touch): Sparsha involves tapping (akotana) or listening to the sounds made by the internal organs (shrvanaa). It involves diagnosis pulse (nadi pariksha), tongue and nails.
  • Prashna (Questions): Be prepared to openly and honestly share all your health concerns. The Ayurvedic physician will ask numerous questions about your health problem, complaints, symptoms, daily routines as well as psychological conditions.

The main focus of this traditional and highly effective medicine is to identify and treat the patient’s doshic (vata, pitta and kapha) imbalance and root cause of a disease, rather than just the symptoms. Accordingly, your physician may recommend a customized and personalised Ayurvedic revival dincharyas (daily routines) and ritucharyas (seasonal routines) involving treatments, therapies, medications, nutrition, diet, lifestyle, habits and fitness regimes.

The Ayurvedic treatments, medication and oils which may be prescribed will help to alleviate the body's imbalance and maintain better health will be determined and formulated based on the diagnosis of the patient’s body and mind constitution, age, gender and environment. Ayurveda encourages timely follow-up and active participation of the patient for complete transition and fast recovery.

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