Herbal Steam Bath

20 mins
Single Treatment
SGD 30.00
10 Treatments
SGD 300.00
Not Suitable for

As per Physician Advice

Herbal Steam Bath has been in practice from ancient times, providing an amazing range of health and beauty benefits. In this treatment, the individual, simmered with herbs and medicated oils, will be exposed to steam and made to perspire. This will flush out all the toxins, impurities and excess fat from the body.

Herbal Steam Bath


  • Treats obesity.
  • Regulates internal water metabolism.
  • Cleans the respiratory system.
  • Prevents degeneration of skin.
  • Relieves joint pains and inflammation.
  • Relaxes mind.
  • Provides a natural glow to the skin.
  • Promotes overall health and wellbeing.