Massage & fomentation with herbal powder tied in a muslin cloth
60 mins
Single Treatment
SGD 60.00
10 Treatments
SGD 450.00
Not Suitable for

As per Physician Advice

Podikizhi is one of the most common and effective Ayurvedic therapy involving full body massage (or the affected part) using kizhis (cotton boluses) with a mixture of 12 herbs, dipped in medicated oils. It is effective in treating neuro-muscular diseases, binging back the natural body balance.

Podikizhi Ayurvedic Treatment


  • Alleviates pains, swelling in joints, muscular spasm, sprain and stiffness.
  • Cures sports injury.
  • Treats obesity.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Strengthens muscles.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Detoxifies skin.


Podikizhi Ayurvedic Therapy Video